Well-Women check ups

In a world of fierce competition, a woman plays many roles inside and outside the house. Hence it is extremely important for women to pause and make regular check ups a top priority to ensure a healthy wellbeing. Many hospitals provide well woman check up for women over the age of 40 and will basically involves various tests upon the recommendation of the doctor. The female doctor performs these tests and also gives advice on different aspects such as family planning, gynaecological issues, cervical smears, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), breast conditions and menopause. The tests will also involve your general health where tests pertaining to weight, urine, cholesterol and blood pressure are checked. The well woman check up comprises of the following tests such as:

  • Complete hemogram (also called complete blood count)
  • Blood pressure test
  • Blood group and Rh factor
  • Thyroid test: to detect thyroid disorders since women are more prone to thyroiditis and hypothyroidism
  • Blood glucose test: To detect diabetes mellitus
  • Pap smear test: to determine cervical cancer
  • Routine urine and stool examination
  • Urea and creatinine: to determine kidney function by checking urea and creatinine levels in the blood
  • Liver function tests (LFT): to check liver function
  • Lipid profile: to check the levels of good and bad cholesterol (HDL and LDL)
  • Mammogram: to detect breast cancer
  • ECG or electrocardiogram
  • Pelvic exam
  • X-ray chest: to check for problems with the heart and lungs
  • Bone density check: to check for osteoporosis

Once the tests are done, it is crucial to discuss the results, advice, fears and possible treatment with your doctor.